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The University and College Union at The University of St Andrews


Members pay subscriptions on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  There are four elements to the subscription payment:

1. National subscription – the largest chunk.  The amount is agreed at annual congress in May, with the new financial year starting on 1st September.

2. Local subscription – goes towards any locally incurred costs such as administrator’s salary, phone, stationery, printing etc.  This is agreed at the AGM in May.  As with national subs, the new subs year starts in 1st September.

3. Political fund contribution – this is 1% of the national sub.  Funds raised go towards lobbying expenses.  UCU does not affiliate to any political party so the funds raised through this payment do not go to political party coffers.  Members must choose to opt out of this payment if they object to paying it.

4. Contribution to Recourse – members have to opt in to make this payment. The amount is currently £2.00 per month.

The vast majority of our members pay by direct debit – this is administered from HQ though initial enquiries about any problems shoud be made via the local office ( Most of our members pay monthly, though quarterly or annual payments can also be arranged if preferred (there is no discount for quarterly or annual payment).  Subs are taken from the bank account at the end of the month and cover the month just past.

Anyone who does not wish to pay by direct debit may instead pay by annual cheque.  This is administered centrally.

Monthly subscriptions 1st Sept 2018 – 31st Aug 2019

Level Salary       National         Local          Total
F0 £60,000 and above £25.96 £5.50 £31.46
F1 £40,000 – £59,999 £23.11 £5.50 £28.61
F2 £30,000 – £39,999 £20.61 £4.50 £25.11
F3 £20,000 – £29,999 £18.32 £3.00 £21.32
F4 £10,000 – £19,999 £10.92 £1.00 £11.92
F5 £5,000 – £9,999 £4.81 £0.50 £5.31
F6 below £5,000 £1.02 £0.25 £1.27
Ret Retired £2.80 £0.00 £2.80
Att Attached £2.80 / £0 unemployed £0.00 £2.80 / £0


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