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The University and College Union at The University of St Andrews

Branch Officers & Departmental Contacts

BRANCH OFFICERS from September 2018

Position Name Email (
President Tom Jones tej1
Vice President Ishbel Duncan immd
Treasurer Laurence Lasselle ll5
Secretary Matt Southern mbs10
Local Organiser   vacancy
Press and Publicity Officers Emma Jones,
Anindya Raychaudhuri
Equality Officer Anindya Raychaudhuri ar220
Women’s Rep Erin Robbins er70
Pensions Officer Matt Sothern mbs10
Health & Safety Rep Val Smith vjs1
Academic-Related & Professional Rep Martin Dowling mjd11
Fixed Term & Hourly Paid Staff Rep Rosalind Garton reg1
Post Graduate Students’ Rep Elisa Walker enw4
Retired Members Rep Philip Robertson pjr
Personal Case Co-ordinator Aidan Naughton an18
Learning Rep Rossella Riccobono rmr8
Ordinary   Member 1 Chris Hooley cah19
Ordinary   Member 2 Paddy Pomeroy pp6
Ordinary   Member 3 Gillian Brunton gm39
Ordinary   Member 4 Antje Brown ackb
Ordinary   Member 5 Marisa McVey mcm24
Ordinary   Member 6 Chris Jones csj2
Returning Officer Yvonne McKie
Honorary Auditor Jillian Cowan (Sdnt Assoc)

In addition to the officers, we also try to have key contacts in each school and unit. As you can see, we don’t yet have contacts in every area. If you are interested in becoming a contact for your school or unit, please get in touch with Yvonne McKie (, our Branch Administrator, for more information.


Dept/Unit Building Departmental contact Email (
 Admissions St Katherine’s West Mike Johnson maj10
Anthropology 71 North Street Mattia Fumanti mf610
Art History 79 North Street Luke Gartlan lg321
Biology Scottish Oceans Institute Val Smith vjs1
Sea Mammal Research Unit Paddy Pomeroy pp6
CAPOD Hebdomadar’s Block   vacancy
Chemistry Purdie Building Herbert Fructl herbert.fruchtl
Classics Swallowgate Jon Hesk jph4
College Gate North Street Richard Malham rwm7
Computer Science Jack Cole Building Ishbel Duncan ishbel.duncan
Jack Cole Building Alan Miller alan.miller
CREEM Observatory, Buchanan Gardens Phil Le Feuvre plf
Observatory, Buchanan Gardens Janine Illian jbi
Development Crawford Building Fiona Eason fre
Divinity St Mary’s   vacancy
Economics Castlecliffe Miguel Costa-Gomes miguel.costa-gomes
EHSS Bute   vacancy
English Language Teaching Kinnessburn, Kennedy Gardens Mary Carr mmc9
English Castle House Tom Jones tej1
Castle House Anindya Raychaudhuri ar220
Film Studies 99 and 101a North Street  vacancy
Geography & Geosciences Irvine Building Matt Sothern,
Antje Brown, Mike Kesby
ackb, mgk
Earth & Env Sciences Irvine Building Rosalind Garton reg1
International Relations Arts Building Gillian Brunton gm39
IT Services Butts Wynd vacancy
Library University Library Swithun Crowe cs2
Management The Gateway Martin Dowling mjd11
The Gateway Laurence Lasselle ll5
Maths & Statistics Mathematical Institute Aidan Naughton an18
Medicine Medical & Biological Sciences Building Damien Williams djw11
Medical & Biological Sciences Building Andrew O’Malley aso2
Medieval History 71 South Street and St Johns House Malcolm Petrie mp49
Modern History St Katharine’s Lodge Malcolm Petrie mp49
Modern Languages Buchanan Building (Italian) Rossella Riccobono rmr8
Music Beethoven Lodge   vacancy
Open Association St Katharine’s West Rosalind Garton reg1
Philosophy Edgecliffe Mike Arrowsmith mga10
Physics & Astronomy Physical Sciences Building Chris Hooley cah19
Psychology St Marys Steve Reicher sdr
St Marys Akira O’Connor aro2
RBS 79 North Street  vacancy
Registry Abbey Walk  vacancy
Research & Enterprise Services The Gateway  vacancy
Student Support Services Students’ Association Building  vacancy
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