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The University and College Union at The University of St Andrews

Branch Officers & Departmental Contacts

BRANCH OFFICERS from September 2020

We are currently working to update this list of contacts for September 2021. In the meantime, please email to be put in contact with the branch officer or departmental rep who you are searching for.

Position Contact Email
Equalities Officer Kirsty Graham keg4
HR Policy Review UCU Representative Kieran McConaghy kjm20
HR Policy Review UCU Representative Chris Jones csj2


In addition to the officers, we also try to have key contacts in each school and unit. As you can see, we don’t yet have contacts in every area. If you are interested in becoming a contact for your school or unit, please get in touch with Maria Torres-Quevedo (, our Branch Administrator, for more information.



Department Contact Email
Biology Paddy Pomeroy pp6
Careers Centre Bonnie Hacking  bsm9
Chemistry Herbert Fructl herbert.fruchtl
Classics Henry Stead has22
College Gate Richard Malham rwm7
Computer Science Ishbel Duncan & Alan Miller ishbel.duncan & alan.miller
CREEM This could be you!  Get in touch at
Development Fiona Eason fre
Divinity This could be you!  Get in touch at
Earth and Environmental Sciences Adrian Finch  aaf1
Economics Miguel Costa-Gomes miguel.costa-gomes
English Tom Jones & Anindya Raychaudhuri tej1 & ar220
Intl. Education Institute Mary Carr & Mark Carver mac32 & mmc9
International Relations Catherine Jones cmj20
IT services Swithun Crowe cs2
Library Swithun Crowe cs2
Management Lucy Wishart lucy.wishart
Maths and Statistics Aidan Naughton an18
Modern Languages Julia Prest jtp22
Music This could be you!  Get in touch at
Open Association This could be you!  Get in touch at
Philosophy/ Philosophy, Anthropological and Film Studies Mike Arrowsmith mga10
Psychology Akira O’Connor aro2
Registry This could be you!  Get in touch at
Research and Innovation Services  Richard Malham rwm7
Student Support Services This could be you!  Get in touch at

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