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The University and College Union at The University of St Andrews

OH and tweet

One issue that has upset our fellow sister unions was a tweet that they considered to be disrespectful to our Occupational Health professional. The tweet was certainly not intended to cause offence to OH but to draw attention to the process used within the University of categorising staff as fit to teach. Our belief is that it is the individual’s choice depending on their own circumstances. Having spoken with OH personnel, they have been assured that no personal criticism was intended and that we have nothing but praise and support for them. This was accepted by OH and Unite and Unison committee members. 

Statement by Chris Hooley for UCU St Andrews to VP Governance:

The tweets that you raised with our representatives in the 31st August JNC meeting were not directed at the actions of any individual university employee, and were not intended to express any lack of confidence in Janey personally. However, we stand by their content as a legitimate criticism of how some of our members’ concerns about Covid-19 risk have been treated during the OH referral process.

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