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The University and College Union at The University of St Andrews

AGM May 8th 2018

Tom Jones as President outlined his report and noted local claims, equalities and recognition and facilities policies.
UCU St Andrews AGM 18
Thanks were given to Yvonne McKie for her organisational and administrative skills and to Tom Jones for his exceptional work as President.

Some motions were discussed:
Rosalind Garton spoke on Casualisation and the need for adequate remuneration, job security, the movement to fractional contracts, statutory sick and maternity pay and allocating specific funds for casualisation reduction in the University. This motion was passed.

USS Dispute 1: was proposed by Tom Jones. This motion called for a return to industrial action if any future proposals resulting from the ongoing negotiation are not substantially better than those rejected on 13th March 2018. This motion was passed.

USS Dispute 2 was proposed by Tristan Henderson. The motion noted that the ballot of 13th April was carried out unsatisfactorily by the General Secretary, the dispute is far from concluded, there is a lack of trust in both the UUK and UCU including the lack of transparency in negotiations and deal making which has compromised democracy within the UCU. The branch resolved to propose discussion at national levels to debate strategy around the USS dispute and strengthen internal democracy and accountability. This motion was passed.

Amendment to local rules was proposed by Tom Jones. This motion enabled electronic participation through Skype or other means, and also includes electronic voting. This motion was passed.

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